Cappello Grillo Boy

Dettagli del prodotto
Brand: Sicilian Wine Girl x Di Giovanna

Grillo, a native Sicilian grape variety, is a proud ambassador of Sicily to the world. Cultivated in many of the island's wine territories and present in 8 DOCs and some IGTs, this vine of noble origins expresses an intense and fascinating personality. Its aromatic nuances range from lively citrus fruits like grapefruit to delicate orange blossom, to evocative notes of Mediterranean scrub. In some interpretations, vegetal sensations emerge, combined with hints of salinity and tropical fruit.

Wearing "Grillo" wear embraces the liveliness that characterizes this vine: Sicilian soul comes to life through your style.

Light grey color baseball cap with hand embroidered lime color grape cluster and phrase.
Made with organic cotton
Adjustable strap
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