Sicilian Wine Wear

Experience sicilian wine, wear your mood!

Sicilian wine represents a fascinating fusion of native vines, micro territories, production philosophies and passionate women and men. This unique combination of elements, including the sea, hills and mountains, gives life to the fragrant liquid that transports your senses on a journey through the glass.

And what if this kaleidoscope of beauty could be worn?

Introducing ‘Sicilian Wine Wear’, a vibrant collection of Sicilian wine-inspired basics to match your mood.

The t-shirts and caps are eco-friendly, made with organic cotton and hand embroidered by a Sicilian artisan.

But the real question is, which Sicilian wine are you feeling today?

Sicilian Wine Wear: experience Sicilian wine and wear your mood!


The Sicilian Wine Wear project was born from the creative imagination of Veronica Laguardia, known as Sicilianwinegirl, and Melissa Di Giovanna, of the homonymous winery. These passionate ambassadors of Sicilian wine have combined an interest in personal style with their mission in the wine industry.

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