GERBINO Organic Olive Oil 3 Liter Box + 2 bottles (500 ml)

2023 harvest organic extra virgin olive oil
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Brand: Di Giovanna

Give the gift or treat yourself to our exclusive organic Sicilian Extra Virgin Olive Oil gift pack. It's perfect for 'foodies' or anyone following a healthy Mediterranean diet. This medium intensity finishing oil is perfect for bread dipping, dressing salads, drizzling on pizza, pasta, crudo, grilled fish, vegetables and meat.

Shipping directly from Sicily.

Gerbino is a medium intensity finishing olive oil, pale green in color. It’s distinct olive scent is complemented by complex aromas that hint of grasses, flowers, tomato leaf and artichoke. It is medium in body. It has a pleasant taste, elegant and balanced with mild, peppery accents.

Each pack includes:

1 Bag in Box (3 Liters) of 'Gerbino' Extra Virgin Olive Oil - perfect for the kitchen.

2 500 ml. bottles of 'Gerbino' Extra Virgin Olive Oil - perfect for your table.

Our extra virgin olive oil is certified organic according to EU standards (IT BIO 004)

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