ARTIFERA Artist Case by Giuseppe Costa - 2 bottles

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Brand: SACCA Galleria Modica x Di Giovanna

Sicilian artist Giuseppe Costa's limited edition artwork applied to the front panel of our 2 bottle wooden gift box, in collaboration with SACCA Art Gallery in Modica and Di Giovanna winery. Each box contains 2 bottles of our flagship wines HELIOS (Helios Grillo 830 m. DOC Sicilia 2022 & Helios Nero d'Avola DOC Sicilia 2020)

About ARTIFERA: 5 artists and 3 wineries, under the guidance of the SACCA gallery, have set up a new project that will flow into an exhibition-event in which some works by the artists involved will be exhibited, together with unique works and multiples that came out of it.
Combining contemporary art and wine can represent a way to promote the artistic culture and territory in a new, different way, also enhancing the art of our time, bringing it into everyday life and into more familiar environments, in order to avoid excessive self-referentiality and also reach those who are not only used to frequenting the places assigned to it. A transversal and heterogeneous public attentive to quality, whether it can be found in a work of art or in a wine.
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