A Taste of 'Helios' - 2 bottles

Helios, Wine is Sunlight
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Brand: Di Giovanna

Helios, the greek god of sun, is named after the winery’s founder Aurelio Di Giovanna. The family's organic flagship wines are made by hand from harvest to bottling. 'A Taste of Helios' includes 1 bottle of Helios Grillo 830 m. DOC Sicilia 2022 & 1 bottle of Helios Nero d'Avola DOC Sicilia 2021.

Helios Grillos 830 m. is a savory and complex white wine, with an elegant profile and a vibrant, mineral finish.

Helios Nero d'Avola is the family's flagship Nero d’Avola, surprising for its elegance, showing a mix of ripe dark fruits, black cherry and sweet spice. Helios represents the pinnacle of the family’s passion and dedication to their organically cultivated vineyards.

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