IGP Terre Siciliane

Camur-ria /kamu’r:ia/ Sicilian for ‘trouble’ Sicilian sun and wind, organic grapes and a long maceration on the skins, spontaneous fermentation in neutral barrels. So, Camurria Orange was born, a natural orange wine bottled unfined and unfiltered


Denomination IGP Terre Siciliane
Variety Grillo 100%
Alcohol 12%
Production 6,400 bottles
Vineyards Paradiso in Contessa Entellina, 30-year-old vines located at 450 meters s.l.m. organically grown
Soil Volcanic tuff
Vinification Spontaneous fermentation, maceration on the skins for 5 days, malolactic fermentation in stainless steel tank
Aging Neutral barrels for 2 months and stainless steel tank, on the fine lees for 9 months
Production philosophy Certified Organic, Natural, Vegan Friendly

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Grillo is one of the characteristic native white varietals of western Sicily’s Contessa Entellina (PA) where the Di Giovanna family has been cultivating their organic vineyards for five generations.

The organic grapes are hand-harvested mid-September, destemmed and macerated on the skins for 5 days. Spontaneous fermentation, in stainless steel tank. Malolactic fermentation follows. Aged in stainless steel and neutral barrels, on the fine lees for 9 months before bottling, unfined and unfiltered.

Color Bright orange
Aroma An expressive bouquet of wild flowers, almonds, marzipan and orange peel
Flavor Medium in body, savory with a beautiful acid core. Layers of citrus, stone fruits and sweet spice envelope.
SO2 Free 6 mg/L, total 27 mg /L.

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