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A constant quest for higher levels of quality with each vintage.


Respect for nature and our environment through organic methods, always and everywhere.


Facing the future with energy and optimism with deep roots in our family history.

Di Giovanna:

Indigenous Sicilian Wines

Our wines and extra virgin olive oil are an expression of our unique territory. The Di Giovanna family personally manages their organically certified vineyards and winery where they produce indigenous and international variety wines and extra virgin olive oil in the small zones of Contessa Entellina and Sambuca di Sicilia.  Their love and dedication to this territory has a long family history, spanning five generations.

Our entire property and wine cellar are certified organic since 1997 by Suolo e Salute SRL.

Our Vineyards

All of the vineyards are cultivated organically following EU standards. The five family owned and managed vineyards are located between the provinces of Palermo and Agrigento in Western Sicily. The high altitude vineyards ‘San Giacomo’ and ‘Fiuminello’ are located in the mountains of Monte Genuardo in Sambuca di Sicilia, province of Agrigento.

In the zone of Contessa Entellina, province of Palermo, the largest extension of vineyards and olive groves are found ‘Gerbino’, ‘Paradiso’ and ‘Miccina’.

The five family vineyards are situated in the small DOC’s of Contessa Entellina and Sambuca di Sicilia, in the heart of the Terre Sicane.


Hectares of vineyards

Hectares of olive trees

Hectares of arable and forest